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SALASAN’s work flows through many development sectors, countries and disciplines. We have provided management and consulting services to International and Canadian clientele since 1982. With over 400 projects, SALASAN focuses on aiding people to improve their lives through our work which involves combinations of the following activities and areas of expertise:

Work undertaken by SALASAN is designed to develop capacity and to strengthen institutions, while integrating gender approaches and gender equality concepts  throughout. With a management philosophy based on participation and transparency, SALASAN works with an overall focus of helping people improve their lives.
design and management of large-scale, multi-stakeholder international development projects;
technical services in land management (development and management, socio-economic analysis, gender analysis)
performance assessment, monitoring and evaluation;
results-based management;
capacity development and institutional strengthening;
quality assurance mechanisms;
financial management systems;
gender-integrated project planning and implementation;
legal reform projects, devolution, development of civil society organisations, citizen and community involvement and participatory approaches;
SALASAN Consulting Inc.
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