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     Renate Schoep,  President and CEO
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Specializing in design and management of international human resource development projects,  project management, monitoring and evaluation internationally and in Canada. Currently working in health and safety standards and language revitalization.
     Peter Hoffman, Senior Consultant
A seasoned international development consultant with 40 years overseas work experience with DFATD and CUSO in over 90 countries; areas of expertise include results based management, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance and capacity development.
     Ann Thomson, Senior Consultant
A poverty reduction specialist who focuses her work on capacity development for governments and civil society, ethnic minority rights, language revitalization and gender equality worldwide; Project Director for multi-year, multi million dollar projects as well as instructing in International Development at University of BC, Vancouver, BC. 
     Colin Rankin, Senior Consultant
     Barbara Hoffman, Senior Consultant
     Susi Merchant, Financial Administrator
     Audrey McLaughlin
     Keith Ogilvie, Senior Consultant
     Dale Posgate, Senior Consultant
Specializes in public consultation and workshop facilitation; evaluation and performance review;  programme  and public policy development; and design, strategic planning, and organizational development for Canadian universities, NGOs and international agencies;  as well as complex planning and conflict resolution processes in land and marine realms.
Working in over 22 countires in senior positions with development organizations such as WUSC and with DFATD projects, focusing on gender equality and the role of women in international development projects.
Involved in electoral related projects, Federal Member of Parliament for the Yukon (1987-1997) and Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (1989-1995), the first woman elected to lead a federal party in Canada.
Project Management and Education Specialist in development projects with experience that includes project and program management, monitoring and evaluation, institutional capacity building, education administration, governance, and administration across cultures.
Direct experience in planning and management of diverse programs and projects, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and public engagement; having worked both in Canada and abroad for DFATD, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and Simon Fraser University.
     Kris Dartnell
Extensive experience in assessing organizational capacity, identifying issues and competencies, recommending and designing management solutions, Senior Project Management, evaluation, monitoring and training.
     Art Hamilton
Extensive Canadian and international experience in enabling communities and governments to apply Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in community development and to plan national strategies for ICT use.
     Tim Coulas
Experience includes Project Field Manager and Land Registration Expert for the LMAP Canada Project, managed DFATD-funded development project in Aceh, Indonesia; as well as worked on land registration development projects around the world, a registered Ontario Land Surveyor.
     Ida Giordano
Strong skills in organizational development and in project management, monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on results-based methodology, developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks, leading participatory processes, and interacting with governments at national and local levels.
     Garth Graham
     Joe Knockhaert
     Rebeccah Nelems, Consultant
An evaluation specialist with expertise in gender, human rights and results-based management and planning, conducted on projects, programs, and organizations; also project management experience in the areas of human rights and education.
Specializes in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating; advises public sector managers on domestic and international programs and projects;  project directing with capacity building focus.
Started as a CUSO volunteer in India, and developed his career in the field of performance reviews, project monitoring and evaluation as well as programme planning and analysis.
Accounting technologist and finance specialist with more than 20 years experience ensuring accuracy and accountability.
     Joy Steemers, Project Administrator
Manages project and field office financial accounts, provides logistical support to projects and liaises with corporate partners; produces reports, manages website and IT, all the while giving staff and projects support with software, internet and computers.
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